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      Prospective Agents

We carefully select our agents based upon quality, potential production, spread of risk, and proximity to our current agency force.  Franchise value and exclusivity based upon limited appointments is a key part of who we are and one of the main strategic advantages we provide to our agents.

Hallmark Commercial Insurance Solutions underwrites small to medium-sized commercial accounts that are considered low to medium hazard risks.  The core of our book is in office, mercantile, light manufacturing and artisan contractor classes.  We provide coverage on a package basis that includes GL, Auto, Property, and Inland Marine.

We do not class underwrite, but rather consider each risk on its own merits.  Our underwriting is successful because of the vast experience of our underwriting staff, their knowledge of the geographic markets they serve, and the long-term relationships that they have built with our agents.

If you are interested in an appointment, please contact the following individual:

Laurie A. Larsen CIC, CISR
Director of Business Development
Direct: 817-348-1648
Email: llarsen@hallmarkgrp.com


Hallmark General Agency, Inc.