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Hallmark Commercial Insurance Solutions offers package policies to standard commercial risks that are considered low-severity classifications.  The typical customer is a small to medium-sized business with a policy that covers property, general liability and automobile exposures.  Business is written on a CPP (Commercial Package Policy) or CAP (Businessowners). The following provides a brief description of the coverage we write.

Commercial Automobile: Commercial Automobile insurance provides third-part bodily injury and property damage coverage and first-part property damage coverage against losses resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of automobiles and trucks in connection with an insured's business.

General Liability:  General Liability insurance provides coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims arising from accidents occurring on the insured's premises or from their general business operations.

Umbrella: Umbrella insurance provides coverage for third-party liability claims where the loss amount exceeds coverage limits provided by the insured's underlying General Liability and Commercial Automobile policies.

Commercial Property: Commercial property insurance provides first-party coverage for the insured's real property, business personal property, and business interruption losses caused by fire, wind, hail, water damage, theft, vandalism and other insured perils.

Commercial Multi-Peril: Commercial multi-peril insurance provides a combination of property and liability coverage that can include commercial automobile coverage on a single policy.

Businessowners: Businessowners insurance provides a package of coverage designed for small to medium-sized businesses with homogeneous risk profiles.  Coverage includes general liability, commercial property and commercial automobile.

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